Job Done :

1. IPPBM – Annual report 2010 and 2011

2. ISN – (i) Corporate Brochure; (ii) Sports Nutrition Centre Pamplets; (iii) ISN Newsletter

You may be a first-time author preparing to self-publish, a business leader desiring a clearer corporate image, or a student with a paper to complete. We can help you understand and touch your readers, establish or polish your style, improve your marks or profits, and ultimately, leave a legacy in writing.

We specialize in freelance editing, proofreading, translations (English – Bahasa Melayu – English) and manuscript evaluations for fiction and nonfiction.

We also worked on corporate communications, including marketing materials, reports, handbooks, and websites, and on academic manuscripts such as student papers and thesis.

What we don’t do are rewriting, design work, or search engine optimization.

However, if you should need any other services besides those listed above, we are well connected in the publishing world, and we will almost certainly be able to help you find the right expert for your needs.

Any query please e-mail

Editorial Services Rendered

1. Book or Manuscript Writing & Editing Services

Book editing encompasses copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) as well as larger overall elements of the manuscript (examine every single word while also considering each sentence, paragraph, character, plot point and argument as they stand individually and in relation to the entire manuscript).

2. Copy Editing Services

Accuracy, speed and attention to detail on every type of document, including fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, business proposals and marketing materials, articles and reports, research papers, dissertations and theses – anywhere that accuracy and clarity are needed.

  • Business Writing & Editing Services : Advertising, professional presentations with PowerPoint, speeches, brochures, newsletters, and more.
  • Dissertation Editing Services : Ensure that your dissertation’s message is clear, concise and accurately stated within your individual formatting requirements.
  • Thesis Editing Services : Help in advising on where extra references or research is required. Discover whether your arguments are flowing correctly or not.
  • Paper Editing Services : Professional paper editing which includes proofreading, checking your structural coherence, reviewing logic & grammar, adjusting style & voice, and formatting.
  • Essay/Article Writing & Editing Services : Ensure your paper is as error-free as possible. Polishing essays/articles to make them suitable for submission. Assisting you in reducing your essay to the word limit by eliminating excess verbiage, truncating thoughts or rewriting sentences.

3. Proofreading Services

Professional and speedy proofread (every single word for grammatical and typographical errors).

4. Website Editing & Proofreading

5. Corporate Communication and Corporate Event Management Coordinator



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  2. Brendan Moloney said:

    Excellent job you are doing you have a great quality and skilled in this field after reading your post i really appreciates your way.

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