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Nation-building has many important facets

Building a nation always been taking place throughout the history of humankind.

Nation-building always a work-in-progress. It needs constant nurturing and reinvention.

National unity has been one of the fundamental themes for nation building since the independence of Malaya then the formation of Malaysia September 16, 1963 (Denison Jayasuria 2010).

“Malaysia should not developed in the economic sense. It must be a nation that fully developed along all the scope: economically, politically, socially, spiritually, psychologically and culturally. We must be fully developed in terms of national unity and social cohesion, in terms of our economy, in terms of social justice, political stability and the system of government, quality of life, social and spiritual values, national pride and confidence.” (Mahathir Mohamad, 1991)

Living harmony in unity atmosphere and agreement, kindness and respect considered to be one of the features of human existence in all times.

Peace, unity and tolerance became the precious values of the nature and spirit of Malaysian. Mixed by our existence and having great impact in building our culture and ethics as well as moral life of our society.

Every Malaysian has to make a target and make strong efforts to strengthen national unity. We need to develop national statehood and promote prosperity with the sense of gratitude to peace and stability which we today enjoy.

National unity basis for people stability, progress guarantee of the state and the most important part of develop society.

We, the citizen should raise a good sense of unity in the bottom of own heart and mind. We must make broad efforts and need to strengthening and reinforcement of this unity as unique national value and priceless achievement of the independence era.

A nation may be divide by contrasting political views, social issues, religions, races, and so forth. But if citizens not willing to accept these differences and deal with them in a civil fashion, our nation-building and democracy won’t work.

All Malaysian, mainly young generation must always remember that national harmony and the independence is a priceless wealth of our society.