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We live in a country which is characterised by great diversity. It is also a country with a very proud legacy of tolerance and respect for ways of thinking other than one’s own.

Malaysia is a land where diverse religions have flourished together for centuries and have enriched each other.

A nation that possesses a variety of religions, tribes, ethnics plus a great variety of languages and local culture.

There can be no other way to face such diversity but by building a sense of togetherness, mutually respecting and mutually appreciating our respective differences.

Building a harmonious society is an important idea for the new generation leaders.  Harmonious society links with politics, economy and culture.

The relationship between politics, economy, culture and society shows that harmonious society is a collection of harmony of politics, economy and culture.

What are harmony of politics, economy and culture?

Harmony of politics is harmony of political relationship, including the action of political subject and object consensus with some criteria, especially the criteria leads to good relationship, for they give subject and object benefits.

Harmony of economy is harmony of economic relationship, including the good state of production, circulation, consumption and distribution.

Harmony of culture is harmony of cultural relationship, including multi-culture types such as traditional and modern culture, main-stream and non-main-stream culture, enterprise and community culture, respect each other on basis of the common view-point of value and moral ethic, especially they can communicate mutually, exist peacefully.

The economy of a country is an interrelated interconnected organic structure. The damage to one section damages the whole.

Unity among communities and religious harmony are vital factors for the development of the country.

No single factor has retarded the country’s economic development as much as ethnic disturbances.

Divisions among us will strengthen various hostile forces seeking to deny us our freedom.

When all communities rise in unity, the forces hostile to the country will be weakened and freedom further strengthened.

Loving one’s country and nation and cherishing one’s national traits are the common psychology and sentiment of the members of the nation.

Ours is a nation with strong national character, cherishing ardent love for the country and fellow people and treasuring and inheriting the national soul.

Our independence is the lifeblood of a nation, safeguarding independence is a fundamental guarantee for a nation’s existence and development.

It is only when we adhere to the principle of national independence that we can defend the national rights and interests, shape the nation’s destiny independently in keeping with the will and demand of our nation, and fully exercise our sovereignty on the international arena and develop the relations with foreign countries on the principles of complete equality and mutual benefit.

Our independence is the source of national dignity and honour, pride and self-confidence, as well as the indomitable will and spirit of the nation.

The principle of national independence is the key to the national question and the very basis of the great unity of the entire nation.

The nation fights in unity in order to oppose domination and suppression by foreign forces and keep national independence.
National unity is always aimed at defending and realizing our independence.


It is inconceivable to talk about national unity apart from the principle of our independence.

Only when we achieve the great unity of the entire nation on the basis of the principle of our independence, can our nation become a true master of its destiny, a strong driving force and a decisive force of national unification and national prosperity.

The entire nation must unite under the banner of patriotism, the banner of national unification.

Let us avoid ethnic disturbances because it is such a horrific scenario.

Let us act to restore communal and ethnic harmony that is an essential prerequisite to economic development.

Unity and social harmony are a precondition for economic development in a diverse society such as ours.