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The economy of a country is an interrelated interconnected organic structure. The damage to one section damages the whole.

Harmony of economy is harmony of economic relationship, including the good state of production, circulation, consumption and distribution.

Unity among communities and religious harmony are vital factors for the development of the country.

No single factor has retarded the country’s economic development as much as ethnic disturbances.

When all communities rise in unity, the forces hostile to the country will be weakened and freedom further strengthened.

National unity is always aimed at defending and realizing our independence.

It is inconceivable to talk about national unity apart from the principle of our independence.

Only when we achieve the great unity of the entire nation on the basis of the principle of our independence, can our nation become a true master of its destiny, a strong driving force and a decisive force of national unification and national prosperity.

The entire nation must unite under the banner of patriotism, the banner of national unification.

Let us avoid ethnic disturbances because it is such a horrific scenario.

Let us act to restore communal and ethnic harmony that is an essential prerequisite to economic development.

Unity and social harmony are a precondition for economic development in a diverse society such as ours.