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The term “Sovereignty” strikes many people as abstract and legalistic and therefore nothing to care about.

For others, it is outdated, a relic of earlier times.

Sovereignty is the legal expression of national independence.

Sovereignty is to a nation what liberty is to an individual.

Sovereignty is the central organizing principle of the system of states.

There are many levels of sovereignty. There is nation state sovereignty, local government sovereignty, and personal sovereignty.

The erosion of national and local sovereignty is a sign that someone is aiming at control of all levels, the designs of an oppressor.

At its core, sovereignty is typically taken to mean the possession of absolute authority within a bounded territorial space.

The country’s internal affairs are its own affair and other states do not intervene unless it threatens them, or breaches a treaty, or triggers an obligation of alliance.

To attain sovereignty a country must demonstrate internal supremacy and external independence. That is a sovereign country must be able to show political supremacy in its own territory over all other political authorities and demonstrate actual independence of outside authority.

There is essentially an internal and external dimension of sovereignty.

Internally, a sovereign government is a fixed authority with a settled population that possesses a monopoly on the use of force. It is the supreme authority within its territory.

Externally, sovereignty is the entry ticket into the society of states.

Recognition on the part of other states helps to ensure territorial integrity and is the entree into participating in diplomacy and international organizations on an equal footing with other states.

In essence it means – self determination or self government.

The purpose of government is to secure the people’s rights.

When a nation talks about “sovereignty”, it means its right to determine what goes on inside its borders. It’s right to exist as a self-determining, self-governing geographic area.

Do most people really think national independence is unimportant?

Around the world, people celebrate the military victories or political declarations that assure their national independence.

People who are not yet sovereign or independent risk their lives in struggles to achieve that status.

We should be very careful before we dismiss sovereignty as a concept of no great interest or importance.

Malaysia is a sovereign nation. Sovereignty is a simple idea-Malaysian is an independent nation, governed by the Malaysian that controls its own affairs.

Being a sovereign nation, Malaysians had full rights in all matters pertaining to the administration of the country and decide for ourselves the path the country should take.

Malaysian adopted the Constitution and created the government. We, Malaysian elect our representatives and make our own laws.

Sovereignty did not come on a silver platter. Too much sweat had been shed; too much blood had been sacrificed.

All these were due to the struggles of the leaders together with that of the past generation, and must be continued.

Defending the country’s sovereignty is priceless and shall not be trade for anything.