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Social harmony is the essence of prosperity and the forerunner of righteousness.

The present day Malaysia is getting increasingly susceptible to an environment of social tension, insecurity and violence.

After several incidents, the concern for a safer society is getting more and more intense from individual to family and from society to entire nation.

With increasing development in infrastructure and information technology and modernization the reality of a safer society is becoming a utopian and deceiving idea.

The craving for safety and security has again focused the attention to find out alternative approaches to development and nation-building and the understanding the essence of communal harmony is vital.

Communal harmony does not only mean an absence of communal tensions and strife. It is something deeper, something emotional.

Communal harmony implies mutual understanding, peaceful co-existence, cooperation and coordination among all the constituents of a community.

Harmony means proper conformity of the parts to one another and to the whole.

To maintain harmony, we should take heed and comply with the rules of nature.
Diversity is the beauty of nature, equality is an extraordinary. Food is tasty if it has a different feel. A garden is beautiful if it has a variety of trees and flowers.

Everyone wants to live in peace and want progress and happiness in life. Racial harmony is a prerequisite for any society to enjoy the physical, social and environmental uniform and equal.

Racial harmony is an important part of our lives. Racial harmony is the result of tolerance and understanding, peaceful coexistence, cooperation and coordination between all levels of society from different races. It is required for the development of a country.

Without tolerance and understanding, the country will lose the peace and become unstable due to the race riots that might occur, which in turn will affect the country in many ways, for example, the country’s economy.

Achieving racial harmony means big challenges that must be addressed with careful understanding of different cultures and ethnic groups in the same time maintaining other cultural and ethnic ties together.

It is indeed possible to achieve even on reality seem difficult. Occurring element that fair to every community in the country should be more emphasized.

This is achieved by having a common space between each group of people to interact with each other and be sensitive to the needs of other people.

In the meantime, it is a very most important to constantly remind our young generation to become sensitive to the information they digest and reject any information that destroys the nation’s future.

Racial harmony can only be achieved when people work together as one and they have the same belief that they are located in Malaysia even in groups of different races