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Poor safety records in the conventional civil construction industry has tarnished its reputation and image. In addition to that, better safety management and practices in the oil and gas construction industry as compared to conventional civil construction industry are primely due to contractual requirements and consistent drives by the clients/project owners.

Safety and Health Assessment System in Construction (SHASSIC) is an independent method to assess and evaluate the safety and health performance of a contractor in construction works/ projects.

SHASSIC was designed and developed to enable the user to achieve any or combination of these objectives which is SHASSIC will be a benchmark for the level of safety and health performance of construction industry in Malaysia;

SHASSIC will also play the role as the standard system on safety and health assessment in the construction industry;

Using SHASSIC as the assessment tool of safety and health performance of contractor(s) based on standards set.

SHASSIC will evaluate the performance of contractor(s) on the safety and health practices at site in order to improve and take necessary corrective action on OSH performance and management at site and compile data for statistical analysis.

SHASSIC covers three main components of assessment which are, document check, site/workplace inspection and employees’ interview covering components such as OSH policy, OSH organisation, HIRARC, OSH training and promotion, machinery and equipment management, materials management, emergency preparedness, accident investigation and reporting, records management and performance monitoring.

It application cover COSH management system and practices during construction work activities, particularly work activities covered under Occupational Safety and Health Act, 1994, Factories and Machinery Act, 1967 and regulations made under this Act such as Factories and Machinery (Building Operations and Works of Engineering Construction) (Safety) Regulations 1986, and Factories and Machinery (Safety, Health and Welfare) Regulations, 1970.

By compliance to SHASSIC, contractor could identify ‘areas’ where they have failed or did not score high. Customise training or remedial measures could be arranged to improve safety and health management for these ‘areas.’

Contractor can established a proper safety and health assessment system at construction sites and would make it easier for authorities to inspect site as OSH system is already in place and with the guided checklists based on SHAASIC’s document, the Safety and Health Officers to discharge their duties more effective and efficiently

SHASSIC was developed to assist everyone particularly the contractors, in managing safety and health at construction sites based on safety and health performance’s assessment. By using the SHASSIC assessment system as a norm of practice at site, accidents can be prevented or minimized.


(this article written for 1BINA.my)