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Safety Management System

A safety management system means there is a proper managing structure in place; managed by people and backed by activities, documents, procedures, etc.

Many individuals and organizations believe that there is a single formula or a single thing that needs to be done which will guarantee them success in the field of safety and health.

This is a wrong perception because the literal meaning of a system does not mean a single entity.

In order for a system to be effective, it should be continuously assessed, reviewed and changed as often as necessary.

To accommodate such changes, the system should be flexible enough to incorporate changes.

In the construction industry, the safety management system must take into consideration identifying and involving key members, practice good and effective communication for and from everyone at the construction site. In the structure of the organizational hierarchy, the channel of communication should flow freely from top to bottom, vice-versa and laterally.  Keep track and try to identifying and quantifying hazards by conducting a systematic survey of task.

The fast face at which Malaysia is advancing technologically means that information and guidance on any safety and health issues can easily be accessed.

There are now more safety practitioners, advisors and consultants. Even the government is trying their level best to curb the astounding accident statistics and every effort is being made to make the work site more conducive.

Unfortunately the work sites are far from perfect and are still unsatisfactory. This is mainly due to the attitude of those involved in the industry, in short apathy.

The only tool to fight apathy is education. This issue has rightfully been codified in the OSH Act 1994,15 (s)(c) which requires the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision.

A proper safety system should identify the four fundamental issues of involving key members, effective communication, managing contractors and risk identification. This will in turn ensure the construction site is a safer and comfortable place to work.

(this article written for 1BINA.my)