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Across the globe, there has been much talk about the need to adopt and embrace sustainable development and green technology best practices.

Malaysia, being a country that appreciates greatly its natural diversity of flora and fauna, finds it particularly important that significant strides are made towards that end.

The Government has earmarked Green Technology as a new driver for economic growth of the country as it offers enormous opportunities and immense potential in economic regeneration, innovation and wealth creation. It can create a revolutionary impact on our lives and reduce Malaysia’s carbon footprint while enhancing environmental sustainability.

Indeed, Green Technology deployed judiciously will deliver the double impact of accelerating our economic growth while addressing pressing environmental issues.

Green technology will in fact have broad applications across different sectors such as in energy production, manufacturing, services and transport, to name a few.

In addition, investing in a ‘green economy’ will increase the number of ‘green collar’ jobs to the labour force which in turn will further contribute to the strengthening of the economy.

On 24th July 2009, Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, launch The National Green Technology Policy.

In his speech, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib pointed out that this policy predicated on four primary pillars of Energy, Environment, Economy and Social perspective with five main objectives underline the policy which are:

  1.  i.       Decreasing growth of energy consumption while enhancing economic development;
  2. Facilitating growth of the Green Technology industry and enhancing its contribution to the national economy;
  3. Increasing national capability and capacity for innovation in Green Technology development and enhancing Malaysia’s Green Technology competitiveness in the global arena;
  4. Ensuring sustainable development and conserving the environment for future generations; and
  5. Enhancing public education and awareness on Green Technology and encouraging its widespread use.

The National goals of the Green Technology Policy is to provide direction and motivation for Malaysians to continuously enjoy good quality living and a healthy environment.

i.    Short-Term Goals: 10th Malaysian Plan

•      Increase public awareness and commitment for the adoption and application of Green Technology through advocacy programmes;

•  Widespread availability and recognition of Green Technology in terms of products, appliances, equipment and systems in the local market through standards, rating and labelling programmes;

•      Increased foreign and domestic direct investments (FDIs and DDIs) in Green Technology manufacturing and services sectors; and

•      Expansion of local research institutes and institutions of higher learning to expand Research, Development and Innovation activities on Green Technology towards commercialisation through appropriate mechanisms.

ii.    Mid-Term Goals: 11th Malaysian Plan

•      Green Technology becomes the preferred choice in procurement of products and services;

•      Green Technology has a larger local market share against other technologies, and contributes to the adoption of Green Technology in regional markets;

•      Increased production of local Green Technology products;

•      Increased Research Development and Innovation of Green Technology by local universities and research institutions and are commercialised in collaboration with the local industry and multi-national companies;

•      Expansion of local SMEs and SMIs on Green Technology into the global market; and

•      Expansion of Green Technology applications to most economic sectors.

iii.    Long-Term Goals: 12th Malaysian Plan and beyond

•      Inculcation of Green Technology in Malaysian culture;

•      Widespread adoption of Green Technology reduces overall resource consumption while sustaining national economic growth;

•      Significant reduction in national energy consumption;

•      Improvement of Malaysia’s ranking in environmental ratings;

•      Malaysia becomes a major producer of Green Technology in the global market; and

•      Expansion of international collaborations between local universities and research institutions with Green Technology industries.

Source : http://www.kettha.gov.my/

(this article written for 1BINA.my)