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When discussing the information needs of youth/young people who are considering starting their own business, there is clear distinction between what information young entrepreneurs are looking for and what information they need[1].

When starting business, young entrepreneurs’ eager to get information on access to capital, but understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur is most important.

At first, young entrepreneurs need support and guidance in deciding what they do not know about running their own business and finding answers to these questions.

Developing a business plan was often dependent on a young entrepreneurs’ educational background.

Youth/young entrepreneurs attended university considered familiar with developing a business plan, while those who have not be less familiar with the process.

The value of marketing often overlooked at first because youth/young entrepreneurs find it hard to justify spending the money.

The information youth/young entrepreneurs need regarded as available, but difficult to access.

Often, potential youth/young entrepreneurs viewed as becoming frustrated with the process of starting their own business because they could not readily gain access to the information they seek.

Most of them felt the system lacked a single reference source or “one-stop shop” where potential young entrepreneurs can go to find out what services and supports are available.

The information that is available and how it can accessed not promoted to its fullest potential. This identified as an area that needs further attention.

There was a need to better promote the services that were available to young entrepreneurs.

School system (high school, community college and university) is an effective place for creating a general awareness of entrepreneurship as a career choice.

In addition, this would also serve to introduce students to the services and supports that are available to them, should they decide to continue a career in this field.

It helps having successful young entrepreneurs provide presentations to high school classes as a means to promote entrepreneurship as a career choice.

[1] Study of Entrepreneurship among Young Atlantic Canadians Aged 15-29, Atlantik Canada Opportunity Agency, 2001