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Gypsum products have been used over centuries in the construction space and are the material of choice because of gypsum’s unique properties.

Gypsum is used as plasterboard to create false ceilings and high performance drywalls and partitions.

Plasterboard is one of the earliest and most versatile prefabricated construction materials that continue to outstrip construction growth in most countries.

Over 80 per cent of all interior construction in the developed countries across all applications is with drywalls.

Gypsum plasterboard systems are very fast to erect and provide huge labour saving and flexibility in construction.

Globally, gypsum drywall systems are used as a replacement of brick and mortar construction.

In drywall construction, the construction time is five to eight times faster and is non-messy.

Gypsum is used as Plasterboard to create false ceilings and high performance drywalls and partitions.

Gypsum plasterboard systems are light-weight and therefore can provide huge structural savings if incorporated at the design stage of the project as using these systems reduces the dead-load onto the structure by a huge margin.

These systems are very fast to erect and provide huge labour saving and flexibility in construction.

Globally reinforced gypsum wall panels are used as a replacement of wood, brick/masonry construction, and for screeds to be used on floors.

Drywalls offer excellent performances in terms of fire protection and thermal insulation.

Gypsum based products and systems provide excellent passive fire protection solutions ranging from 1/2 hour to four hours taking care of all three elements of fire protection – stability, integrity and insulation requirements of the system in equal measure.

Gypsum contains approximately 21 per cent of crystalline water and about 79 per cent Calcium Sulphate which is inert below a temperature of 120° C.

The bound crystalline water in gypsum plays a significant role in excellent fire resistance properties which makes gypsum a material of limited combustibility as first the crystalline water gets evaporated from the gypsum core in case of a fire.

Drywalls offer excellent performance in terms of sound insulation rating up to 74 decibel (dB).

Drywalls are lighter – 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry systems. The material are light-weight which can reduce the dead-load on the structure and faster to construct.

Drywalls are energy efficient and eco friendly in nature. The thermal insulation provided by Drywalls is 5 times better compared to brick or block wall owing to low Thermal Conductivity (K-Value).

This low thermal conductivity and high Thermal Resistance results in bringing down the electrical consumption of a building as it reduces the load on the Air-Conditioning units.

Drywalls are made of Gypsum which can be sourced from natural reserves and is found abundantly in various parts of the world.

In tropics climate, there always wonder about drywall systems – are they safe? Are they strong enough to resist high impact loads, rain, sun and moisture?

Moisture can appear due to water leaks, poor roofing, poor exterior flashing installation, poor site drainage and bad plumbing. But not because of a drywall system.

There is a wide variety of quality products that can help drywall systems last longer and improve their resistance to sun, rain and moisture incidence.

These kinds of products have improved a lot with the years, meeting high level specifications in the areas of acoustic insulation, thermal insulation and resistance to fire and damp conditions.

Products used for tropical modern architectural project are following what is mentioned above.

Resistant to moisture, fire, fungi and pests, it comes with an inside moisture barrier.

In areas where moisture problems may appear, it is advisable to use the mould resistant panels.

There are many specialties for this one, like underlayment, tile backer boards (fibber rock aqua tough, sheetrock), ceiling panels, soffits, shaft walls and interior wall panels.

Over the next few years, through a combination of efforts made by the gypsum producers, adoption of modern construction techniques by builders and greater demands by end clients for high performing environmentally friendly buildings this category is set for a significant growth.

Source : Express Healthcare; Service Magic and Dott Architecture

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