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Tunnel is playing an important role in terms of environmental and economic aspects.

inside the tunnel

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The construction of SMART (Storm water Management and Road Tunnel), a initiated to alleviate the flooding problem in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur has prove it right.

A great deal of work is being done to optimize the performances of digital wireless communication systems, and most of the effort is focused on the urban environment where technologies evolve surprisingly fast.

Tunnels, including rail, road and pedestrian tunnels, even if they do not represent a wide coverage zone, must be taken into account in the network architecture, the tunnel either being considered part of a neighbouring cell or as a cell itself.

Since safety of vehicles in the motorway will be of paramount importance, SMART has additional features such as automated flood control gates, cross passage, ventilation/escape shafts, radio re-broadcasting services, air quality monitoring equipment (AQME) and SCADA monitoring & surveillance that are unique over and above the features seen in a normal motorway tunnel.

Early June 2012, SMART add one more feature – wireless communications system which operate multi-system 2G/3G distributed antenna system (DAS) at the GSM900, GSM1800 and UMTS frequencies used by Malaysia’s operators Digi, Celcom and Maxis.

This system was successfully implemented by Comba Technologies Sdn Bhd (Comba Technologies) a subsidiary of Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited, Hong Kong.

Comba Technologies provide a modular design of the multi-system DAS that is a cost-effective and provide rapid deployment solution that is particularly suitable for SMART.

Comba Technologies was awarded this project as a result of their service and support capabilities in addition to the effectiveness of the solutions.

Comba has a long history and accumulated experience in wireless enhancement projects for transport infrastructure around the world such as China’s Wuhan-Guangzhou and Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail Systems, Rio de Janeiro Metro System in Brazil, Taiwan’s High Speed Rail and Singapore’s underground Marina Coastal Expressway amongst many others.

SMART is the world’s longest multi-purpose tunnel.

The tunnel comprises of 9.7 kilometre of storm water bypass tunnel and a 4 kilometre double deck motorway.

The tunnel solved the problems of flash floods and eased traffic congestion in Kuala Lumpur and is an essential part of the transport infrastructure in the city with daily traffic of over 30,000 vehicles.

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