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Indonesian Port Corporation (IPC), also known as Pelindo II has received the green light from Indonesian Government to start the much-awaited Kalibaru Port.

It is schedule commencing by early second half of 2012.

Kalibaru Port will have a total capacity of 13 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) and would be constructed in three phases, with the first phase absorbing an estimated Rp22.6 trillion (RM6.78 billion) in investment.

The first phase incude the construction of three container terminals and two fuel berths.The first phase will be completed in 2014.

The sea lane at Kalibaru Port will be doubled in size from 150 meters as stated in the original master plan, to 300 meters, to accommodate increased shipping traffic.

In addition, the port will have a draft of 20 meters, 6 meters deeper than Tanjung Priok, allowing mega ships, such as 18,000-TEU ships to enter the port.

This is the largest port in Indonesia and it will help boost the capacity and efficiency of national logistics chains, with productivity levels comparable to major ports worldwide.

The port will be rebranded “New Priok” as it nears its expected completion in 2023

The Kalibaru Port project initially began as part of a plan to expand the country’s busiest port, the Tanjung Priok Port, through the construction of new terminals that would have a capacity of 1.9 million TEUs.

The development of New Priok is crucial for Indonesia to sustain growth, adding another shipping gateway to help relieve pressures on Tanjung Priok Port, the nation’s busiest port.

According to recent IPC data, Tanjung Priok surpassed its handling capacity of 5 million TEUs in 2011 as container traffic reached 5.8 million TEUs that year, a 23-per-cent jump from 4.7 million TEUs in 2010.

The Kalibaru terminal project was one of a dozen infrastructure projects initially offered to the private sector under public-private partnership (PPP) schemes.

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