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The architecture, engineering and construction markets have lagged behind other industries in the implementation of technology; however, firms are beginning to acknowledge that mobile technology can address current challenges and drive decision making at the point of interaction.

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A study by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology found that the U.S. construction and engineering industry is losing over $15 billion (RM 46.093 bilion) per year as a result of the industry’s continued paper-based business processes, lack of standardization and overall lack of consistent approach to technology deployment among leading organizations.[1]

As construction firms begin to embrace mobile technology to enhance efficiency on the job site, it is critical that they have the right technology in place.

Rugged tablet PCs are the ideal mobile device, as they are very portable and have touchscreen capabilities that are favorable for forms-based data entry and work in conjunction with software solutions designed for the market.

Due to the popularity of the iPad and other Tablet PC, the construction industry to change.

Tablets are now a tool in just about every business. According to a recent survey, “Enterprise iPad and Tablet Adoption,” sponsored by cloud computing consultant Model Metrics and performed by Dimensional Research, businesses are quickly integrating tablets.

Tablets, most notably the Apple iPad, are changing the way the construction industry works by speeding up processes that were once tedious and putting a wealth of information at workers’ fingertips.

The touch-screen devices allow for quick communication between on-site workers and off-site architects and managers.

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[1] Krebs, David. “Mobile & Wireless Solutions in Construction: Driving Improved Decision Making, Speed and Scalability,” VDC Research Group, November 2009.
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