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Money in itself means nothing. It pieces of paper. It is what money stands for that means something.

When we go to work, we are trading the power to control what we do with the hours of our days to an employer in exchange for those little pieces of paper.

To save well, we need to keep in mind what it is that is at stake when you spend some of those little pieces of paper.

The real cost of buying things is losing power over what you do with your time.

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Saving habit should be encourage at young age (Photo credit: dr.eM)

Why do we want to save money? There are many benefits to saving money at a young age.

It can be use pay for college or university, buy something special, or just save it until us an adult and use it for insurance, putting a down payment on a home or buying your first car.

Yet, saving money is not easy. We must resist the temptation to spend money, which is no simple task.

Saving money can be tough when you are just starting out in the real world.

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