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In these hard economic times it is important now more than ever to remind your community of the importance and value of their community news/newspaper.

Community news/newspapers boost the local economy – both through advertising and in news coverage.

It showcases community businesses at a time we need to be shopping locally, investing in the community and protecting local jobs.

It allows businesses to reach their most likely customers.

Community news/newspapers bring us “good news” – news of Scout projects, civic club fundraisers, chamber of commerce happening, local council, local sports, religious and schools activities.

Community news/newspapers help reminding people of the things they like so well about their community.

Community news/newspapers provide a forum for expression.

They allow readers to make their voices heard, and they enable ordinary citizens to deliberate on the future of their community.

They encourage civil, issue-oriented discourse and they often set the stage for it.

Community news/newspapers can be use as a tool for gathering information or research and survey to find out the community level of support in the constituency as it fit its nature – reports on the community activities, need and aspiration – and can play a significant (it is perfect, simple and cost effective solution to reach the target audience) role as a development communication tool.

Many community news/newspapers serve as “watchdogs” to hold elected leaders accountable.

They shine a light on local government; they can get public records and make those records available to citizens.

They keep voters informed. They let people see how their tax money is being spent.

Most importantly the people who operate these news/newspapers work and live in the communities they cover.

They share our values and understand the community because they’re part of it.