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People we trust betrayed us.

This situation can be avoided, but in many cases, we are only aware of support began to cause us to fall down when it is too late.

Why is the support we continue to cling to even thou we knew it beginning to fall?

There are many reasons in fact it is hard to get away or let go the support until we fell to the earth.

We are too comfortable with the support and be very confident that this support will be with us in any situation and it is unlikely it will create conditions that can affect the comfort level that can cause us to fall down.

We are stuck because at the early stage we were trapped in a planned network of manipulation in which we are exposed to misleading information and incomplete but made logical.

It is clear that information is a tool for manipulating processes. Using the information, individual perceptions can be manipulated and changed, and in other words, individuals can and will be manipulated by certain information to think that they make their own decisions on its own needs on neither a matter, action nor the results.

Success (manipulation of information) is located in the concealment of what it means. In most of the manipulation of information activities, in various forms of media used properly because the influence of media, more people will be affected to receive relevant information, which aims to increase the number of support.

When people who provide the support, then the stronger the grip to be charged and much easier manipulation can be done.

The further and more which we are influenced by the manipulation of information, the more confident we are on the information obtained is true and reliable and more difficult, but we will not accept other information other than information that has been deeply rooted in our mind.

In this situation, we will no longer detect any element that could put us in a situation favourable to us.

Such that when the support is expected that bring us fell, we cannot act properly to improve the situation or act to get out of situations that overwhelm it.

Finally, we collapsed and lost everything while the one receiving the support has gained all he needed to survive.

Can manipulation of this information be overcome?

Of course you can, and it is easy to be done.

What we need to do is examine all available information before making any further formation of opinions and decisions.

We are actively looking and testing the validity of the information obtained which can be done by looking at other information related or has something in common.

The point here, we should diligently read and hear a lot of other information in addition to much to ask or inquire to confirm the information.

In the era of information explosion and advances in communications technology and information, this is not a difficult task.

If we do not wish to examine the information available, then we really have fallen in those who deliberately plunged us into a black hole and allow others to take manipulate us and confiscate our rights to freedom of information and expression.

Those who had seized his right are actually a slave – whom can be used freely to achieve whatever is desired by the manipulator.

Are we in that class?