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In general, people often desire to win quickly, also want to reach conclusions and decisions quickly.

But for some things that have many branches, are also open to various versions and interpretations, the assessment cannot be expedited and because of the rush, it will only bring about a result that is regrettable later.

Normally we make a mistake in assessing a situation and the people. The most common is the view or perception or perception of balance (bias).

It is the law of the first (first impression) that we experience when we first know the situation or know someone.

This happen lot when we were in the position we often need to interact and communicate with external parties (especially those that are in high positions in the organization and those involved with the effort to select, recruit or offer a job or project).

Approximately four (4) of five (5) results of job offers made in the first 10 minutes of the interview, according to several studies.

The decision also based on the applicant’s clothing or hair style and also supported by unconscious stereotyping or previously formed ideas about a particular candidate or of candidates.

As a result we will be deceived and make to believe in first impression proved to be right.

As a rational man, we must always remember that whatever the reason, the external appearance does not reflect the internal quality-owned and we should always be concerned with this as an important reminder not to make decisions about anything by first impression.

We need to spend some time doing some research and get more detailed information to enable us to assess more accurately and objectively.

Let us make LATE decision because we choose to get more information for better assessment because external appearance can CHEAT.

Our assessment ability has no value if the conclusions or decisions we make are based on an incorrect assessment.

So be careful in making ASSESSMENT and substitute the appearances for the FACT perception.