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During our life time we make many decisions and sometimes we make the decision based on logic and cannot be said that most of the decisions made are clearly irrelevant to our emotions.

Decision making is the cognitive process in which the result is a choice between alternatives.

The decisions we make are on our own choices in many situations but most decisions are forced upon us.

The most important aspect in decision making is as much or as often as possible the decision was the right decision.

Accurate results are usually solving the problem but the wrong decisions lead to more decisions that are required to fix errors in the initial decision.

Usually the decision making process, we must prioritize three things, namely: (i) Decision Making Process, (ii) The decision-making and (iii) the generated results.

There are some decisions that were made may not be withdrawn. Hence, it is very important in this case that it is well thought out decision and not a hasty decision.

Making decisions is part of the responsibility in our lives. The right decisions will liberate us from the problems in life and wrong decisions will be our burden.

Many decisions we make are based on mental conclusions based on knowledge and experience and we properties.

If the decisions forced upon us, so we should make full use of our knowledge and experience to evaluate and implement what has been decided that.

But in some circumstances we have no knowledge or experience relevant to the assessment.

Therefore, we have to find someone who has one and get expert advice from them.

But most of us do not. Why?

EGO. Our ego emphasize that we know everything and are not likely to make a bad decision. History has shown many of the errors that caused a lot of impact and costs to be incurred even cause others to suffer the consequences because of ego.

The higher we are on the ladder of life, it is even more critical that we make the right decisions and appropriate, for our decision-making will affect the lives of many people.

Decision we make must not create situations where we may lose control over the relevant situation to situation because if this happens, we no longer free to make choices and decisions.