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Success is not something that comes easy. Not only it does not come easy, success can also parish in a blink of an eye if we do not have the positive attitude and practices (or habits) to keep it.

When we have become successful, it is not exclusively ours but it rather the achievement that we share with many other around us.

In any organization, whether large or small, attitudes and character or personality of its members are among the main factors that will determine its success.


Members of the organization of a disciplined, positive, clean, honest and conscientious in performing its duties and always aware of the environment, always want to gain knowledge and experience are important assets to any organization. These are the facilitation element to realize any organization dream come true.

Each of us has our own personality. Character can be formed either a positive or vice versa depending on the exposure we receive from the environment, the influence of people close to us and other inputs such as the knowledge and experience we possess and gained in our daily lives.

Character can also be formed by number of practices/positive living habits. Practices/positive living habits in an organization will help create the quality culture of excellent in an organization where we work.

Positive personality actually helps the individual cope with various situations in performing his or her duties, especially when facing difficult moments. It can also be viewed as a ladder for us climbed up to the peak of our career.

Dick Lyles in his book ‘Winning Habits’ have stated that the practice/positive living habits will make us as a pacemaker (Pacesetter), which will be followed, by others.

He also stated that the study to be a Pacesetter is as important as learning to be a leader. We must always remember that there are times we are in a position as a leader and there were times when we were in the opposite position, but we are always at the position as a Pacesetter.

Pacesetter organizations need its member not only discharge their duties with diligence and commitment but also as major contributor in the organization’s efforts to achieve goals set by their ability to work hard, competitive and innovative.

Pacesetter easily identified. These are the members of the organization which shows the determination and “energetic” in carrying out their duties.

In many situations, they will be given special consideration to be given opportunities for promotion and greater responsibility for developing the organization when opportunities arise.

In career development, for example, we should not be eyeing promotional opportunities for ourselves as our main agenda.

Instead we should look at and take the opportunities available in our organization to undertake a work that will provide the best benefits to ourselves and our organizations. Do not think about the rewards and the benefits that we will get because early bird catches the worm.