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Come January each year, certainly the majority of us will “install” a new resolution or commence implementation of the new plan which is expected to be achieved by the end of the year.

Few will try to press on to realizing the resolutions or plans that have not been able to be executed last year.

But there are some of us who would think that this year, there is nothing any difference with the previous year.

In other words, they assume that what is implemented or will be passed this year is purely routine.

Typically, we understand that routine is a common or the things that we always do.

Despite what we went through and implemented this year is a routine, this does not mean it will be a chore.

In an organization, we need a routine because it is the process that will ensure the task entrusted us to do better without making any mistakes.

It will increase our efficiency in producing a product or service.

When we efficiently implement the responsibilities entrusted to it, we’re able to save the cost of resources required to produce a product or service.

At the same time we cannot be static. This routine should be changed to the better. For that we need to constantly review and think about the work we do.

For example, in the past, we can solve a problem within four days. Imagine how much profit or benefit that we (and our customers) have obtained if we can reduce the time taken to resolve the problem in three days!

We should strive to improve any weaknesses. This is because in the era of globalization and rapid advances in information technology, we must always be prepared to change in line with current developments to enable us to remain competitive.

Furthermore, we cannot be doing the same thing or this routine every year when we hope that our salaries are also increasing every year!

Maybe some of us are bored with the routine done. That may be the reason that we often hear.

Sometimes this routine can reduce or hinder the quality of work. Performance deteriorate. Routine blamed but is there ever occur to us that ourselves also the culprit?

Awareness to improve the quality of work must always be one mission. As we bring home our earning or salary home, feed our family this mission is all that important.

There is no regularity in routine and change for the better that work is not in vain.