Everyone’s integrity will be tested


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Integrity…a word that is not difficult. It not hard to understand it. Yet to deepen its meaning and practising what integrity means … It’s another circumstances and it call for veracity of spirit and moral fibre.

The word integrity comes from the Latin word of integritas.

In general, integrity refers to the perfect state and intact, wholeness. Therefore integrity refers to the state of consistency of actions, values, methods, steps, principles, expectations and results. In ethics, integrity regarded as the honesty and truth or the accuracy of one’s actions.

When we discuss integrity, the first item that pop-up in our minds is about corruption. When comes to corruption, we often see it as the act involving a second party or other party.

It is uncommon among us to discuss it and recount it to our involvement.

We rarely discuss and apply integrity as a positive feature that leads to forming a chaste personality that eventually displayed in our lives at the individual, social and state level.

Integrity MUST be seen in the standpoint and mind frame that is accurate and inclusive. It is necessary to integrate cause of failure experienced if integrity is not in oneself and society.

Looking at the effects that may exist if there is no integrity, then there should be precaution measures and corrections to overcome and strengthen integrity.

But that should not be the main facet of life and in practicing integrity.

Living with integrity is not difficult and we can practice and master it. It is a set of skills we can work on and improve it.

By doing so, we will experience positive effects not only on our lives as individuals but also on the lives of people around us.

Integrity is also closely related to trust, honesty as well as consistency in action.

Trust is the property of a party put on other. The rightful master has no evidence to claim it except the honesty of the first party, which will admit that something in it is the property of another person.

Untrustworthiness person is like parasites in organisations and communities. They live on us and inhale all the substances and benefits we make to ensure they live and at the same time weaken us and eventually killing us.

Why is honesty important? Being honest and transparent allows us seen as credible person.

Consistency means more than simply following our commitment because it needs alignment between our words and our actions and conversely.

Why is consistency important? Being consistent allows others to rely (trust) their expectations about future behaviour based on our past comments, commitments or actions.

Consistency does not need honesty and honesty does not need consistency but integrity needs both.

Life and livelihoods are now overwhelmingly challenging and it will not lessen.

Besides physical challenges such as basic needs, the challenges that become the main facet of forming ourselves in a society are moral and ethical challenges.

Morals include the moral and ethical significance of good and subtle, right and proper traits and behaviours that one holds for himself and others.

However, morality exceeds the moral and ethical significance. In other words, all the good deeds and deeds that exploit it, should aimed solely for the sake of God’s pleasure, not for repayment, praise and recognition from man.

Ethics refers to moral reasoning involving freethinking and judgement. It also concerned with the moral conduct associated with the behaviour and actions of the individual towards a decision which shown with a sense of responsibility and base on ability.

Addressing the challenges and living the best possible life as ideal as possible and reducing difficulties and damage (physical and emotional) have various methods.

However, a method that should use as a core and major reference is to apply and practice the highest integrity in every condition.

Like a tree, each branch and twigs directly connected to the stem and then rooted firmly on its tap-root. Integrity is the tap-root.

Zig Ziglar commented “with integrity, we have nothing to worry about as we have nothing to hide. With integrity we will do what is right so we will not have any guilt.”

Less integrity or lack of integrity among individuals and society is a destructive social disaster. These individuals and society will be more likely to act on their own selfishness and in most state will act to disguise those intents in every action taken.

Our culture (way of life) should root to integrity. As we preparing younger generation for a more challenging future through mathematics, science and technology, we must also pay close attention to the emphasis on building a future generation with their strong character and integrity.

It is important to include a curriculum of integrity and integrity in all levels of our education system to shape the strong and upholding integrity individuals in our society.

Meanwhile, the use of media as one of the influential basics in society today must be continued and increased in a more creative way.

Printed materials, television and social media are useful references in forming noble values because we spend a lot time every day in the media.

We need to use this platform to promote the integrity and hurl individuals’ tendency in our society towards integrity, because that eventually strives to deliver solutions to ethical issues in our society.

Everyone’s integrity will be tested.

Practising integrity means we will meet challenges and tests.

Integrity tests make our identity stronger for the benefit of all.

Chinua Achebe, a novelist, poet, professor and critic has once stated that “one of the real integrity tests is the bold denial to be compromised.”